What is the Real Cost of a Printer?

At www.copierrepairalbuquerque.com, did you ever wonder how much they cost your printer over its lifetime? What they find most economical printer for the use you get?

If we know what type of documents we print (black and white text, color text, quality photographs …), or if we use it in a home or business, we can save a shock to the pocket. And with all this already have guessed that we refer mainly to the price of consumables associated with printers: ink or toners. In fact, the inkjet printers have always seemed really attractive for its low price, but this cost increases soon to have to buy new cartridges.

According to a study Cockeyed.com , ink cartridges found in one of the most expensive liquids around the world, surpassed only by mercury, insulin, perfume Channel No. 5, LSD, Thai cobra venom and scorpion venom. For example the black ink cartridge HP is located in 2700 U.S. dollars per gallon (3.785 liters) while a gallon of human blood has an estimated price of $ 1,500.

Soon we realize that buying an inkjet printer can be a bad investment unless we use it wisely. The data available in Printer.com clearly show that if you regularly print all types of documents, it is best to consider purchasing a laser printer.

These data have been used for a study that analyzed the costs of various inkjet printers and laser printers several considering a maintenance period of 5 years that were estimated weekly use different types. For example, if we printed 50 black and white pages a week might even consider purchasing any injection model. In fact, among the top 5 shows the HP OfficeJet Pro 8000, which costs $ 91 and the maintenance of cartridges / toner over five years would cost $ 210. However, the remaining four are laser printers that cost more initially, but in whose toner just have to invest later.

If we continue looking at the list to finish this test we see the last three posts are very inexpensive inkjet printers that nonetheless cost a pretty penny in maintenance. As you can see from the picture, the HP Deskjet D1560 costs only $ 70, but the cartridges over five years (as in her younger sister, the D1455) costs no less than $ 2,325.

Now imagine that our use weekly is 15 black and white copies and 15 other color . In this case the favored color printing inkjet printers, and in fact the HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 crown to merit this ranking with a total cost of $ 313 ($ 222 in maintenance).

The five worst again are handicapped by the high price of the ink cartridges, this time in color, making the cost to maintain such benefits $ 1,127 over five years, or laser printers with a high cost of initial purchase. The HP Deskjet D1560 and D1455 are again the worst, although the Xerox Phaser 6110 exceeds them, as we said, for the initial cost.

Between are the color laser copies unsuitable for high quality color (photo), whose initial cost is much higher than the injection, but ultimately, and if we do not print photos, also are an excellent choice. Especially if there is more volume of color copies.

See what happens if we use our printer in a business environment where you will be making a large number of copies. Take for example a company of ten to fifteen members, which will print about 2500 black and white copies a week.

Here we see that even as an exceptional case in that the Epson B-500DN ink consumption achieved so optimized that the situation in the first place on the list, laser technology has established itself as the best option. all these data, we reach conclusions clear: 1. If you print mostly in black and white, buy a laser printer . If you want something you can always color injection buy affordable only for those tasks. 2. If you are printing high quality photos from time to time, it seems obvious that you can not escape the inkjet printers that eventually you will very, very expensive. Perhaps you should think seriously print the type of a color laser copies (losing quality photo paper) or ordering such copies to a professional printing service attractive prices. 3. If you print a lot, both in black and white or color , but no photos, must have it equally clear: one color laser will leave a little more expensive as an initial investment, but its maintenance costs will be minimal in the long run and save a lot lot of money. 4. Do not buy inkjet printers unless his use of color and even the black and white is very, very small.

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