A Laser Printer Maintenance

This type of printers, maintenance is performed less often than other ink and matrix. Unlike the matrix, the laser printer maintenance is a bit more complicated to make, so it is advisable to perform this process in a specialized center like Copier Repair Pros.

As a general rule for the maintenance of printers, this must be done while the printer is turned off, the laser printer is no exception to this rule, it should be added more disconnected from the power source.

Let us try to keep the paper clean and free of particles that affect proper operation. Some toner have a lever which is manipulated for cleaning, it is recommended to use frequently.

Unless you are knowledgeable about the subject, I recommend that the other components will make maintenance a specialist. According to their level of use, maintenance can be carried out each year.


As we have already mentioned matrix printers are an excellent tool for strong work in companies (See also Printers Dot Matrix or Matrix). Because of this we must be very aware of their maintenance to remain with us for years.

Here I offer some practical advice to ensure their proper performance and operation.

Roll over time and use, accumulates ink, because this goes beyond the role and sometimes we do not consider that there is no paper in the tray and send a print which is registered on the roll.

Another point that may be an obstacle to their operation is losing grip. To service the roller should be cleaned with alcohol periodically with a cloth well moistened, exerting great pressure on this and then remove any signs of moisture.

An important factor is to be aware of the condition of the tape, because with the hard work wears pretty and sometimes break or dislodge debris often, by the material it is made (cotton). That’s why it should be changed frequently, Which is not very expensive.

Pull carts matrix printers are vital for the proper functioning of these, for maintenance we use a small brush or use compressed air to remove any foreign element shows that hinder its proper functioning.

The print head exerts its movement on a guide wire, this should remain well lubricated, for this we use graphite based grease, it is important not to use other items as they tend to dry out easily.

Given these suggestions will almost lifelong printer.

A PRINTER MAINTENANCE Injection Facilities

The printer is a piece of equipment that requires the most attention, although the importance of regular maintenance is often overlooked (See also Why They block is Our Printers). The printer is the only conduit between the concept and the creation of the device that puts your virtual media in the physical world.

If you use inkjet printer often to improve and prolong the life of your printer is essential to ensure it is clean, running smoothly and unobstructed. We recommend that you thoroughly clean the printer every six months for optimal performance based on how often you use the printer.

Also, if you have pets, it is a good idea to do maintenance to the printer with compressed air that occasionally dust and hair are doing irreparable damage to the printer.

Note that maintenance processes uses ink, so it only made when necessary or exchange your ink cartridges inexpensive cleaning to conserve ink levels. The maintenance tools can be accessed through the printer driver or the control center. Once the cycle begins, it is imperative to run the full cycle before restarting the printer.

Here are some steps for maintenance:

1 – Check the nozzle: Are you experiencing a weak print quality or certain colors give the impression? You need to run the nozzle pattern, verification utility. If printing is still has gaps that will need to clean the nozzles.

2 –  Clean the printheads: If the nozzle check indicates clogged print heads, you need to run the cleaning utility to remove blockage. Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out the cleanup utility more than once to remove the blockage. Also, some printers have an option to build in “deep cleaning” that may need to perform.

3 – Align Printheads: If the lines and colors are out of sync or no bands, it may be necessary to align the printheads. This can be done by choosing “alignment” in the menu on the printer utility.

If cleaning and alignment does not solve your problem, you will need to contact the original manufacturer to assess the cost of the repair. If your printer is not covered by warranty, you must weigh the cost of repair versus the cost of a new printer. Sometimes a new printer equipped with new cartridges is the most logical alternative you can always choose: Copier Repair Pros.

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