Printer Preventive Measures

Laser Printers:
Laser printers usually require less maintenance than other types of printers Copier Repair but this is often more difficult to perform, so it is preferable to carry serious failures for service. All printers should be cleaned off, but in the case of the laser must not only ensure that they are off, but disconnected from the network. The wide variety of types of laser printers are about how to toner placement and DUM unit, we will limit ourselves to indicate that we should keep as clean as possible the paper input tray and other surfaces. Many toner have a cleaning lever. It’s good to use it occasionally. For the rest of the components in this type of printer I always recommend going to the official service for cleaning
Corrective Maintenance
Printing errors occur
It is very common that there is a misprint in one of the colors. The first step is to verify that the ink cartridge is not above or outside. If this is the problem, replace the ink cartridge. Otherwise, another cause is the clogging of the print head. He found in most printers that are long-standing or used little. In this case, the ink dries on the small channels of the printing head, preventing the ink is ejected. With the advancement of technology and the inks used, this problem has been minimized, but it is still common.
In printers have the print head attached to the ink cartridges, including HP, when you encounter this problem, just replace the damaged cartridge. But in some cases due to the high cost of cartridges, you can try the discharge channel. Let’s examine how.
For most printers for removing the ink cartridges must first connect the printer and open the top of the print head is at the center of the shaft.
Removed ink cartridges, you can test if they are clogged. For printers that have the print head in the printer, such as Epson and Canon some, it is necessary to remove the head and carry out cleaning directly, and you can not do the test indicated.
To test this’ print head on a paper towel several times and the stain is seen on the paper.
NOTE: – To check if the ink cartridge with obstruction, touch the ink cartridge briefly on absorbent paper.
For the black cartridge should be a uniform black point. If the uniform color cartridge should remain three basic points about the color of the cartridge.
Moreover, when the mark of the lack of ink or a lower intensity than the other is due to the obstruction.
Note: – If the spots are as uniformity in the first case, the head probably clogged. When samples are uniform and in the second case probably the head is not in the obstruction.
To let go, put a plate on a paper towel and pour a little water. Note that you must form a layer about2 mm.
NOTE: – To desintupir print head, place a paper towel on a plate and pour the water to form a layer about 2 mm thick.
Now the head of the cartridge rests on the layer of water and let stand for about 30 seconds.
NOTE: – Support the ink cartridge in the paper towel with water and leave for 30 seconds and dry with a dry paper towel.
The ink cartridge should not remain for more than 30 seconds in the water can enter by capillarity and to mix the printer ink, the modification of its features and release.
After the required time, remove the cartridge and dry on a paper towel.
Take the test again on paper towels and see if let go. When released, it can be placed back in the printer or Copier Repair.

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