Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of the Printer

Corrective and preventive maintenance of the printer in Copier Repair Albuquerque.

The printer is a peripheral which is sometimes essential, available from a fairly low prices and they really do not need a excessive attentions, but some maintenance. The materials we need are few, it is not convenient (or in many possible cases) removed too. ‘re going to need the following materials:

– A brush or flat brush about 3cm.
– A pair of cotton rags.
– A little alcohol (the better the cleaning alcohol or burning.)
– A little graphite based grease (can be found in electronics stores.)
– We recommend a can of compressed air. Overall, and like anything else, we must ensure that it is clean of dust and others. This is easy, since that would only need a brush, a rag and a little time and patience. If too much dirt that has built up we can use some alcohol (always on the cloth, not directly, and always after removing all dust), drying always very good.

In cases of extreme dirt and fats (such as kitchen printers in restaurants), we can clean the outside of it with some degreaser (I repeat, ALWAYS apply this on the cloth, NOT directly to the printer), subsequently passing damp cloth to finish drying very well. This can damage some plastic parts (loss of gloss and print logos loss), but trying to remove the grease, it will always be more damaging. We must avoid these extremes, since the accumulation of such debris can cause serious damage. Regarding maintenance a little older, we’ll see what should be this, depending on the type of printer:

Dot-matrix printers:
a roller These printers have very similar to typewriters, which usually accumulates ink with the passage of time, either because this through the paper or by printing on the carriage there is no paper. Also usually satinar”” with the friction of the paper, which causes it to lose adhesion. This roller should also be cleaned from time to time. We will use alcohol without additives (not to be used or a glass cleaner or colonies). With this alcohol soaked cloth in an energetic and clean the roller, drying after very well. We must also drive the cars clean, either with a brush or using compressed air. inkjet printers:

Laser printers usually require less maintenance than other types of printers, but this is often more difficult to perform, so it is preferable to carry serious failures for service. All printers should be cleaned off, but in the case of the laser must not only ensure that they are off, but disconnected from the network eléctrica. Dada the wide variety of types of laser printers are about how to toner placement and DUM unit, we will limit ourselves to indicate that we should keep as clean as possible the paper input tray and the remaining toner superficies.Muchos have a cleaning lever. It’s good to use it occasionally. For the rest of the components in this type of printer I always recommend going to the official service for cleaning. Tape must also monitor the displacement of the head (a fine toothed belt). As we see it starts to deteriorate we take to change as breakage can cause more serious problems you can go to: Copier Repair Albuquerque.

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